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Best kids birthday party venues in Dubai

Do you plan to celebrate your kid’s birthday in Dubai? This is the perfect idea since the city has a great variety of amusements. Your children will be happy. But adults will also experience joy and fun. Let’s list the most popular places where you can go with your kids.

Best Kids Birthday Party Venues Dubai

1. IMG Worlds of Adventure. This is a huge amusement park where your children will find everything they love. Animators in the suits of favorite cartoon characters, hundreds of attractions, and cafes waiting for you there. You can go to a computer hall, watch 3D movies, or ride extreme attractions. When you’re tired of having fun, go to one of the numerous cafes to have a piece of holiday cake and juice.

2. Bollywood Parks. Have you been to Disneyland? If you enter Bollywood Parks, you’ll find yourself in the same atmosphere. The park is an exact copy of a self-titled Indian movie. It seems that you plunge into the atmosphere of dances and performances. You can even forget that you’re in Dubai but not in India.

3. Dolphin Bay. You can go to a dolphinarium. An instructor will tell children about animals and arrange a guided excursion. Later, kids will be able to swim with mammals and take photographs. It is an excellent chance to take kids closer to nature and animals.

4. The Lost Chambers. This is one more option for nature lovers. The museum represents long tunnels right under the water. Glass tunnels are made deep in the Atlantic Ocean. Thus, when strolling through them, you can observe marine life and discover unique and rare inhabitants of deep waters. Fish will swim just next to you. This is a worthy pastime either for children or their parents. After the walk, you can have a rest and a holiday lunch in a cafe.

5. Miracle Garden If you want to have some rest between active or extreme pastimes, go to this park. It is a unique place. When you’re there, it seems that you’re in the Land of Flowers. Everything, every little detail of the park is made of flowers. Alleys are framed with flowers, arches are made of flowers. Various sculptures are decorated with flowers as well. There is a big plane in the center of the park, which is fully showered with flowers.

Thousands of flower types are planted there. An incredible smell is in the air. Every corner is the perfect place to make amazing photos. One more park adjoins Miracle Garden. It is Butterfly Park. There, you’ll find thousands of butterflies and insects. This place is also worth visiting.

There are many places to go in Dubai. If you go there, be sure that your trip will be memorable and pleasant. Everyone will find something enjoyable in the city.

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