Best gifts all brides wish to get

A wedding is a celebration of two loving hearts, a bright, memorable, wonderful day of starting a new family history. Folks, friends, all guests strive to give newlyweds gifts that would be useful in family life and bring some value, and not just gather dust. Finding the best gift all brides (and their significant others) would love to get is quite a challenge, because you expect the present to bring a storm of positive emotions, not just an embarrassed lift of the eyebrows of the couple. Here are a few proven ideas of wedding gifts you never go wrong with.

Best Gifts All Brides Wish To Get

Top 10 the best gifts all brides would be delighted to receive:

1. Money. The most obvious, yet the most desired bounty that is never out of place.

2. Luxury bed linen. Good-quality, expensive bedclothes will never come amiss. Choose bedding with unusual prints and beautiful decoration like lace to emphasize your warm attitude to the newlywed couple.

3. Robotic vacuum cleaner. It is a great wedding gift for a newly-minted family. Such a device will save the couple a lot of time on cleaning so that they will have more time to relax and enjoy each other.

4. Plasma TV. Buy a large-screen TV for the wedding present – it will definitely find its rightful place in the living room or bedroom of the spouses. The newlyweds will speak well of you every time they turn it.

5. A pair of bicycles, segways, or scooters. These are nifty presents for modern, active, sporty sweethearts leading a healthy lifestyle.

6. Gift certificates. If you are still not sure about the tastes and preferences of a bride and her beloved one, bestow a gift certificate for some store such as furniture, electronics, or household appliances— the spouses will themselves obtain what they need and be very grateful to you for providing such an opportunity.

7. A romantic photo shoot. You pay for the services of a professional photographer who will take an unusual, themed photo session of the couple.

8. Hot air balloon flight. Present the newlyweds with a certificate for a joint hot air balloon flight, they will receive unforgettable emotions. To spice up an experience, invite a photographer for a photo shoot in a balloon basket.

9. Fire or laser show in the dark. The newlyweds will admire the bright fireworks of multi-colored lights in the sky in their honor. Just warn them that their wedding celebration will end up with a salute so that it does not become an unwanted surprise for everyone.

10. Honeymoon trip. Ask several close friends and relatives to chip in together and pay for a romantic honeymoon in a country that the newlyweds are dreaming to visit. They will remember such a precious gift for life.