Berry wedding decoration ideas

If you have a wedding in the summer months, be sure to consider celebrating a berry-themed wedding. This fresh and tasty idea is perfect for a light, casual celebration. Summer gives us a lot of goodies, including fruits and berries, which can be a wonderful theme for a celebration. Each of the summer months has its own berry, so you can choose any:

Berry Wedding Decoration Ideas

raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and many other berries.

A berry wedding leaves a lot of room for your imagination, so you can come up with outfits or individual elements that match the overall style. There are many options.

In winter, you can also consider organizing a berry wedding, but this will cost a little more because during this period the berries do not ripen. The choice of the berry depends on the color in which the various elements and details of the berry wedding will be performed. The main task of the bride and groom is to harmoniously choose the details of the wardrobe in order to look juicy and fresh at the wedding. White color goes well with berry flowers. Therefore, if young people do not want to go far from a traditional wedding, they may well take a white dress and a classic suit as a basis. One has only to complement the image with berry details.

You can summarize all the berries and make them all the main themes of the wedding, or you can devote all the decoration, images, and details to anyone's berry. For example, in the summer months, there are a lot of strawberries and cherries, sweet cherries, and other berries. The bride's dress can be ordered in the atelier, with a wish to make some kind of berry print or to embroider the belt with a chosen berry. You can complement the image of the bride with various details. A wedding bouquet decorated with berries shoes the color of berries, bracelets, and earrings - all this will only deepen the atmosphere of freshness.

The groom's outfit at the berry wedding should complement the image of the bride. Although in the case of a man, it will be a little more difficult to choose accessories. The groom can choose a classic suit, a white shirt and add a boutonniere made using berries, or a tie, or a berry-colored bow tie. A rather extravagant option is to purchase shoes of a bright rich berry color. Choosing a berry by month The design of your image and the whole event directly depends on what kind of berry you choose.

May June. These months are accompanied by the harvest of cherries and strawberries. July. Raspberry ripens in July, so feel free to take raspberry color to decorate your wedding in berry style. Crimson color represents passion, love, and tenderness. June July. During these months, not only raspberries ripen, but also currants. You can combine these two berries and get an interesting and lively holiday that combines several colors. The current color is more traditional, so the groom will be able to wear a dark purple suit.

July August. At this time, blueberries ripen, so two colors can be taken as the basis for a wedding: white and noble blue. These are very comfortable colors that allow you to create a variety of looks for the bride and groom, primarily due to the availability of accessories in blue.

Aug. Sept. The beginning of autumn marks the harvest of the blackberry. Suitable for those who love purple.

If suddenly your wedding falls in the winter months, but you really want to realize the ideas of a berry wedding, then you should not despair. Cranberries will come to your aid! Cranberries go well with winter landscapes. It can be used in the bride's hairstyle, room decor, and other details. Make sure to send invitations to guests in which you warn them about the upcoming holiday with its theme. It is better to do this in advance so that the invitees have enough time to create their own unique image. What the invitees will come in depends on what kind of berry will be the main character of the wedding evening.

Be prepared for the fact that not everyone will be able to choose a wardrobe in accordance with the theme. Prepare some details that you can hand out to guests before they enter the premises. You can prepare berry bracelets for females, and boutonnieres with berries or berry butterflies for men. It is best to discuss the dress code with witnesses and close friends in advance and, if possible, purchase clothes together. Girls can dress up in dresses of the color of a berry wedding, and friends will only need to buy bow ties or ties in the color of the main berry. Berry wedding decoration

The decoration depends on where the wedding will take place. If you choose a banquet hall, there are many ways to decorate it in accordance with the chosen theme. To beautifully decorate the hall, you can use the services of professionals, florists, and other representatives of the service sector.

At the same time, you can take everything into your own hands and choose all the design details yourself. In the summer months, you can make an on-site marriage registration. To decorate a berry-style wedding you may need: This is perhaps the cheapest way to decorate a room. Balloon can be purchased in berry color

When decorating a room with balloons, it is important not to overdo it. If positioned correctly and dosed, they will surely brighten your day. Paper products are made using the scrapbooking technique. There are a lot of cute and cute berry things you can make.

It is important to choose lightweight fabrics that do not visually burden the room. Fabrics can be used both in general decoration and as tablecloths, chair covers. Compositions of flowers and berries. You can decorate anything with them. The berry-flower wedding will allow you to make more interesting design elements

The festive table, in turn, can be decorated with compositions of berries and flowers, small bouquets. It is important not to deviate from the indicated style and use a specific design style in everything. You can put glasses filled with berries on the table. The convenience of this way to decorate a banquet table is that you can eat such an element of decor if you wish. The champagne ice bucket can be garnished with frozen berries. For tea, you can use a set that depicts berries.

Even our grandmothers have preserved such, so you won't have to look for such a service for a long time.

Wedding treats for a berry wedding can be prepared by yourself, or you can agree with the restaurant where the banquet will take place. Regardless of what you decide with the preparation of dishes, dishes with berries should decorate the festive table.

As a refreshing drink, you can offer guests compotes and fresh lemonades made from those berries in the style of which the wedding is decorated. You can put several berries in glasses for champagne and wine, which will give a certain charm. On a sweet table, you can put vases with jam, jelly. A sweet table, by the way, must be present at a berry-style wedding.

It can be decorated as you like, but with the obligatory presence of berry desserts. Muffins, biscuits decorated with raspberries, currants, strawberries and cherries, yogurts, puddings, fruit baskets - all this will become not only a joy for gourmets but also a great place for a photoshoot. On the sweet table, you can put gifts for each of those presents - small jars of berry jam. The end of the evening and the highlight of the whole event is a berry cake for the wedding.

You can order a cake with any flavor, be it vanilla or caramel, coffee or fruit. But it's best to support the general theme of the wedding and order a cake with berries. It will convey the taste of summer, freshness, or vice versa, sourness if you choose cranberries. A berry wedding is a fresh start to your family life, filled with happiness and joy. A photo session taken during such a wedding will become unforgettable, and then you can proudly show wonderful photos to your children and grandchildren.