Beauty secrets every bride should know

Every woman wants to look stunning. Moreover, if it is your job. Thus, every woman should be aware of the below-listed beauty rules to look pretty everywhere and at any time. Let’s start!

Bridal Beauty Secrets

1. Summer is not the best time for putting dozens of makeup layers on your face. If you want to look pretty in hot summer days but do not harm a delicate skin of your face, use a CC or BB cream. It is a multifunctional product that comprises features of three separate products. Thus, the cream is the perfect combination of foundation, primer, and sunscreen. 2. Always do makeup when your skin is moisturized. If your skin is dehydrated, then it will pill. Thus, before you do makeup, use a cream, wait until it soaks in, and then proceed to do bridal makeup. 3. Apply creamy textures on top of the foundation, while compact and crumbly ones are on the powder; otherwise, they may roll or lie unevenly. This is especially true for bronzing powders and blush. 4. If you want to know whether your skin tone is cold or warm, look at your wrist. If the veins are blue or purple, you have the first type. If they are dark and brownish, your skin is warm. 5. Do not apply flickering cosmetics on areas with wrinkles: they will become even more noticeable. 6. It happens that shadows look bright and saturated in the packaging and are barely visible on the skin. White eyeliner will help save the situation. It is necessary to shade it over the entire surface of the eyelid and apply shadows from above. 7. If your hair is of oily or mixed types, do not apply a conditioner right from the roots: this will cause the loss of volume. Distribute the product from the area of ears to the tips. 8. After using a hair conditioner, rinse the curls with cool water to close the hair cuticles and prolong the effect of the product. 9. By applying a highlighter under the eyebrow and above it, you will instantly get an open look. 10.Your beauty is not only an excellent work of makeup artists but also the result of a healthy lifestyle. Do not forget to sleep well, eat healthy food, drink a lot of water, and do sport. In order to look stunning, our body needs all vitamins, micro- and macro elements, as well as enough liquid to hydrate the body. 11. If you have problems with rash after shivering, try vitamin E or F. It will cure your skin and help avoid bumps. 12. Regularly visit a massage master to relax and nourish your skin with oils. Follow these rules and keep them in mind, and you’ll look as stunning as your favorite model!