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Beautiful decoration ideas for the perfect Dubai wedding

Before planning decoration, it is necessary to decide on your wedding style. Discuss the issue with your partner and find out what style is appropriate for both of you.

Beautiful decoration ideas for the perfect Dubai wedding

Depending on the style, it is possible to choose the best decoration ideas for your wedding in Dubai. Let’s consider the most beautiful and popular ones:

1. In the dessert. If you want to be creative, hold celebration in the desert. This is one of the most original and extravagant options. Only deserts have such a silent and alluring beauty. There, you can organize a truly Arabian wedding, filled with an incredible beauty of the majestic sunset. Dunes and Arabic music will complement the whole picture of the event, making your desert wedding unforgettable. Newlyweds will remember this event for the whole life. A tent is installed in the middle of the sand on purpose of such ceremonies. Tables for guests and newlyweds, as well as soft chairs are placed inside and rose petals are scattered. In addition, choose traditional decorative elements that will remind you and your guests that you’re in the dessert (such as dried twigs and flowers, wooden boards, candles).

2. Aboard a yacht in a sea. One more option is to have a chic and memorable yacht wedding in Dubai. A sea voyage will make your wedding more colorful and romantic. This option will appeal to those couples who want to have a secluded celebration. Make your itinerary so that during the voyage you will see many Dubai attractions and take beautiful photos. In this case, your main decorative elements are nature, the city and the yacht itself.

3. On the seashore. The wedding ceremony on the seashore is especially popular in Dubai. A gentle surf, a warm wind and the rustle of the leaves of the coastal trees will make your first family holiday a unique event, saturated with the color of this amazing country. Such ceremonies are usually accompanied by live music, the path to the altar is showered with rose petals. It is important to note that there is no a single wedding in Dubai, which is not decorated with flowers. Ceremonial arches, tables of newlyweds and guests, boutonnieres are decorated with natural flowers. This is an obligatory element of the wedding decor in Dubai. Flowers look incredibly delicate and romantic; they underline a subtle and elegant image of a bride and emphasize tenderness of the moment. Not traditional roses but rare and seasonal plants are chosen. In warm time, the room and the veranda are decorated with daisies, irises, wildflowers, etc.

If you choose the above-mentioned open areas, nature and surrounding picturesque views serve as the main decoration, and with the help of decorative elements, you’ll only emphasize the beauty of the chosen venue.

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