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Symbolic beach wedding ceremony in Dubai

The organization of events on various topics is becoming more and more popular every year. Many young couples consider a celebration on the seaside an excellent alternative to the traditional wedding. Let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this event. Weather conditions are a big plus for creating a festive atmosphere. On the seashore,

Symbolic Beach Wedding Ceremony In Dubai

you can not only hold a wedding ceremony but also after its end, organize the feast itself. The seashore does not require any special decor, but a photo session held in such a place will leave unusually beautiful and unusual pictures as a keepsake.

A seaside wedding is a great option for newlyweds who do not seek lavish feasts with many guests. For such an event, a small number of invitees will be optimal. The calm atmosphere of the wedding will allow you not only to have some fun but also to enjoy communication. In addition, after the celebration, the newlyweds can spend their honeymoon in this place. Sometimes, young couples choose this way of conducting a wedding without the presence of strangers, that is, assuming that they are alone both at the ceremony and during the photo session.

This allows you to feel the importance of the action and enjoy each other's company. You can organize on-site registration anywhere: on a yacht, on the lake, on the beach, or on the territory of a country hotel with a swimming pool. The main thing is to think over the wedding dress correctly - so that it is not only beautiful but also as convenient as possible for moving along the beach. There are no more difficulties in organizing such an event on the seashore than in planning a classic wedding. In addition, now there are many agencies that can easily carry out the organization of a celebration anywhere in the world. The main thing is to decide for yourself what you want at the exit.

The most important question that arises before the future newlyweds are the choice of the venue for the celebration. Of course, if you live in a seaside town, this greatly simplifies the task. If the sea is not nearby, then a fantastic journey awaits you. First, you need to decide which sea to go to warm countries or cold seas. Nature is beautiful in every case, however, you need to consider your preferences. If a wedding is planned abroad, then more often, lovers try to sign before the day of the celebration itself, because painting outside entails a number of paper problems, and after that, it also legalizes marriage at home.

Your wedding is a special day, so why should you celebrate at an ordinary venue? Dubai has incredible event spaces to choose from. With such a choice at your disposal, you can easily organize the big day of your dreams. You can choose to exchange vows on the beach, with your feet in the sand at 5-star hotels such as Caesars Palace Dubai, Jumeirah Al Qasr, and FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel.

The financial costs of organizing and holding a wedding event depend, of course, on the wishes of the spouses. But one must bear in mind that even with a minimum number of guests, you will have to spend money not only on the celebration itself but also on air travel, a hotel, and a photo session. After all, not every guest has the opportunity to visit another country. In addition, there is always a risk, despite the wonderful beauty and landscapes, that weather conditions can bring surprises in the form of sea storms or cloudy skies.

In the design of a wedding on the seashore, as a rule, blue, white, and blue tones, the finest fabrics and decorations on a marine theme (sails, anchors, dolphins) are used. A photo session on the seashore is a mandatory tradition for newlyweds, which is promoted by the impeccable beauty of the sandy beach and the unique sea sunset. The sunset against the background of the sea is painted with bright colors, which give the photographs a special charm and tenderness. A non-standard solution can be a photo session in water or underwater.

Of course, in this case, wedding dresses may suffer (get wet) somewhat, but the result will exceed all expectations. Although, you can consider walking along the beach, plunging into the water no deeper than the ankle. Extreme sports lovers can carry out a photo session with immersion under the water, but you need to understand that this requires the ability not only to swim well but also to hold your breath. An excellent solution is a photo session on a yacht or sea boat, which in themselves are romantic types of water transport. There are many options for interesting photos: on the captain's bridge, in the cabin, etc. The atmosphere of warmth and romance, creating a festive mood, disposes newlyweds to the desire to be closer to each other and pose tirelessly. In addition, in this case, reportage shooting is ideal, that is, not only staged shots, but also the usual shooting of "live" moments: the process of communication and loving glances. Such shots are especially valuable.

Everyone who has been to the sandy seaside must make inscriptions, which are then "licked" by the surf. In our case, these inscriptions can be words: I love, the names of the newlyweds, the date of the wedding, etc. Guests When planning a wedding celebration on the seashore, it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances: - Time of the event. The second half of the day is considered the best option since the sun is no longer so active. At the same time, it is advisable to stock up on sunscreen protection and soft drinks.

- Transfer - you will need to deliver not only the guests but also musical and lighting equipment, food and drinks, various decorations, etc.

- Comfort. The main point to think about is the comfortable accommodation of the guests. They should have a complete understanding of the holiday scenario in order to prepare the most appropriate outfits and have the necessary things with them.

- Beverages. The choice and quantity of alcohol must be approached carefully, given that the festive event is held in an open area and within walking distance of water.

- Scenery. For this event, they should be minimal, since nature itself is a wonderful decoration, and what is perfect does not require large-scale diversity.

The most popular weddings on the seashore are: Crete and Rhodes in Greece, the Caribbean islands in the Dominican Republic with their ideal beaches and mysterious jungles, the islands of Cuba and Jamaica, the Canary Islands with a wonderful climate and endless ocean, Seychelles is a kind of paradise, the island of Sri Lanka, located in the Indian Ocean with gentle sandy beaches and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

To decorate a wedding in a nautical style, it is not necessary to go to the seaside; for this, the shore of any body of water, for example, a lake or river, as well as a pool, is perfect. It is important to be able to create an atmosphere of romance and adventure that matches the chosen style. The organization of a wedding on the seashore does not present any particular difficulty, but the event will be special and will make the holiday unforgettable and sincere.

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