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How to plan a beach wedding in Dubai

A beach wedding ceremony in Dubai is a perfect option if you're looking to make a light and romantic atmosphere for your big day. Whether you choose a tropical, rustic, or even boho theme, the beauty of nature will make your venue stunning.

How To Plan A Beach Wedding In Dubai UAE

There are many beautiful beach resorts across the UAE and each is a wonderful option for a celebration. Some of the most popular venues are located on Palm Jumeirah and Jumeirah Beach. If you're up to having a destination wedding, Dubai is filled with luxurious sea view venues.

Even if you selected one of the ballrooms, you can still add beach details to your event.

Bright and vibrant colors are perfectly suited to this theme. You can opt for a tropical style and match such colors as fuchsia, turquoise, peach, yellow, purple, and light blue. For a nautical style, try to use a classic color shade as a combination of navy blue, white and red. If you like to have a boho-themed ceremony, add warm colors to your decoration like peach, soft pink, beige, and cream to create a relaxed ambiance.

If bright colors are not really your thing, you can select neutral shades such as beige, sky blue, and dusty pink that will add an elegant touch to your event.

What flowers to choose for a beach wedding? If you’re planning an outdoor wedding during hot weather, it’s wise to opt for silk flowers instead of the real ones. It will look gorgeous, and you don’t have to worry that it will fade away.

For a tropical-style wedding, there are plenty of options to go to. Lilies, hibiscus, and orchids will compliment not only flower décor but your bridal bouquet too.

For a classic wedding, select flowers of pastel shades. Peonies, roses, and gerberas are great options for the centerpieces. If you are planning a boho-themed celebration, there are a lot of flower options that will give a natural look. The most popular is pampas grass and dried wildflowers.

For a beach-inspired wedding, you can add some accessories with seashells, or add a sailing rope to the decor.

One of the best when having a beach ceremony in Dubai is that you don’t need many decors as the sea view and city skyline work for you.

Choose decoration wisely as mismatched style accents can ruin the entire look. Sometimes less is more, and it’s not necessary to put every piece into your decor.

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