Baby shower ideas in Dubai

A baby shower is a holiday when future parents learn the gender of a baby. Originated in the USA, the party has gained incredible popularity. Modern couples gather relatives and bosom friends to celebrate the event. If you want to arrange an original holiday and remember it for many years, you’ll find many options in Dubai. Let’s see where you can hold the

Baby Shower Ideas In Dubai

baby shower party.

1. A cafe or restaurant. The city is full of diverse catering establishments to any taste. Be sure that you’ll easily find a suitable venue. Tanya’s Teahouse is one of such options. Soft-pink pastel colors of the interior create the required atmosphere. The staff is ready to work with you to develop the best menu taking into account vegans, vegetarians, allergy-free invitees. Here, the staff works to create a custom celebration for you and your company. All cakes, dishes, interior features will be customizable to you and your guests.

Shakespeare & Co Dubai is another popular option. It is a royal café styled as the Rococo and Victorian epoch. French patisserie, eclectic menu, soft armchairs, and polite staff create a delightful atmosphere and contribute to creating a first-class party.

2. An authentic party in the desert. However, if you want to look original and abstract from common rules of celebrating baby showers, go deep into the desert. You can rent an authentic venue in the heart of the desert. There are cafés designed in traditional Arabic style. Soft pillows and carpets with traditional ornaments and Arabic music will create the desired atmosphere. Wear traditional Arabic outfits, rent camels, and you’ll plunge into the world of Beduins. When the night falls, you can observe a starry sky with thousands of stars, do fireworks, and make a wish when a star falls.

3. The Miracle Garden. If you want to take stunning photos in the most picturesque place of Dubai, go to the Miracle Garden. This is the most famous flower park, where every inch of the territory is showered with awesome flowers, sculptures from greenery, and beautiful floral arrangements. All tourists obligatory visit this attraction.

4. A yacht cruise. Rent a snow-white yacht and spend a day in the heart of the Gulf. Listen to the music, admire city landscapes, and take photos. Hire the staff to decorate the yacht and order a custom hand-made cake. Note that this option is suitable if a pregnant woman is not seasick.