Awesome pink wedding inspiration

Every girl dreams of seeing herself in the role of a real princess: a pink wedding dress, an elegant hairstyle, rich jewelry, and admiring glances directed only at her. Having become an adult, you can give a chance for a childhood dream to come true, because the bride is that very princess!

Awesome Pink Wedding Inspiration

And if you decorate a wedding venue using pink shades, you will not only plunge into a fairy tale yourself, but also give this feeling to guests, friends, and relatives who have come to share the joy of creating a new family.

1. An invitation card. An invitation to a wedding is not just a way to inform a person that you want to see him/her on a holiday. This is the very first detail that shows invitees what they should expect from the celebration. Thus, it is advisable to choose pink and white shades while creating invitation cards. Wrap it with a ribbon, beautiful bow, braid, or lace.

2. Outfits. Newlyweds’ outfits will be almost classic. A groom can wear either a black suit or some options. It can be a gray, sandy, brown, or beige suit.

What concerns a bride, she can choose either a traditional white dress or some shades of milky/creme, nude, beige, or pink colors. If the choice is given to a white garment, then other details and accessories of the outfit can be of the above-mentioned hues.

3. Accessories & makeup. When speaking about accessories, pearls, luxury or vintage jewelry or handmade pieces are perfect. Silver, white gold, platinum look beautiful against a pink background.

It is advisable to choose nude makeup without bright accents and saturated shades. Wedding bouquets made of roses, lilies, orchids, feces, gerberas, daisies, and tulips, look beautiful.

4. Dress code. Do not forget about a dress code. As you arrange a pink wedding, it means that your guests should also choose either pink of similar hues for their outfits or at least have some pink details not to break the whole atmosphere of the event.

5. Decoration. When decorating your venue, prefer pink, nude, beige, milky colors. Such shades are perfectly matched with flowers. Thus, do not doubt to use natural flowers as the main decorative element. The best ones are, of course, peonies. These flowers look incredibly delicate and create an exquisite atmosphere. Thus, these flowers should be an obligatory element of your wedding decoration.

A pink wedding is associated with purity, tenderness, and love. Thus, this theme will never become outdated. Newlyweds will look harmonious, and all guests will feel their emotions.