Amazing wedding ideas with candles

Wedding candles are not just an element of festive decor. A few centuries ago, they were used for a wedding ceremonies, but they did not give special importance to their aesthetic appearance. Today, wedding candles are a work of art. Handmade fruits are especially valuable.

Romantic Wedding Decoration Ideas With Candles, Flowers

Candles in the wedding decoration are used completely differently. So, the festive table is decorated with long table candles. Most often they are cast in the form of a twisted spiral, decorated with sequins and openwork ribbons. Candles are also used in the decoration of a sweet table. For example, it is not uncommon to notice small coffee cups in which cute heart-shaped pill candles float. Sometimes such an accessory is made manually and the master adds aromatic oils to its composition. Any candles for a wedding can be bought in a special trading shop or ordered from a candle maker. The latter option is attractive because all the accessories will look completely unique, and their design is designed just for you and takes into account all your wishes. I would like to pay special attention to those wedding candles that decorate the table of the bride and groom. These, according to custom, two candles symbolize the fire and warmth of family life. According to European traditions, they are lit by the parents of the bride and groom, thus passing on to the children a piece of parental light and illuminating their way into family life. The process itself takes place in a dim room and looks very touching. Many guests will not be able to resist and will almost certainly shed a tear. The unique design of wedding candles for a solemn ceremony is due to the fact that their spouses will keep all their subsequent family life. These candles are often made with great skill and can have absolutely any shape and color. Candles for the wedding are used in the color theme that corresponds to the wedding itself. So for a holiday in a red and white shade, white candles decorated with a red ribbon, white pearls, and silver glitter can be used for decoration. Of course, this is just one example from a whole set of options. Wedding candles are the spark that should ignite your family's heart. The decision to use candle decor is a desire to fill the entire wedding production with a touch of refined romanticism.