Aladdin wedding theme ideas

Oriental festivals are famous for their splendor, abundance, colorfulness, and exotic entertainment. If you love everything extraordinary and want to make your wedding truly loud, impressive, and unforgettable, then the oriental style will suit you perfectly. And why not? It is unlikely that you will still have a chance in your life to feel like a

Aladdin Wedding Theme Ideas

Scheherazade will be transported into the fascinating world of the Thousand and One Nights fairy tales. The toastmaster and the manager will decide how to entertain guests and what to surprise and delight. We will tell you what the hall's design should be, how to give the right flavor to the bride and groom's outfits, and what little things to take care of so that the wedding turns out really in Oriental style.

It is best to celebrate an Aladdin-style wedding outdoors. Ideally, rent a villa somewhere in the mountains or on the seashore. But if finances do not allow it, you can find an excellent oriental restaurant in the city. Such attributes will most successfully emphasize the oriental atmosphere and create the right atmosphere•

* fluffy, patterned carpets on the floor and the walls;

* tents and curtains;

* low tables and embroidered pillows;

* hookah and aroma candles;

* lights and candles.

Everywhere you should place trays with mountains of fruits and traditional sweets - baklava, lukum, halva, candied fruits, and nuts. At an oriental wedding, a separate sweet table is not organized – it will just be everywhere. Immediately upon arrival, all guests are treated to green tea, coffee with spices – remember that you must warn all guests about the holiday in which style they are expected. After all, they should dress appropriately and be ready for exotic treats and entertainment.

In the East, traditionally, the bride is dressed in red. Why don't you take a chance? Such a young one will surely stand out from the crowd and be remembered by everyone. In addition, the scarlet color suits both blondes, redheads, and brunettes. If such a decision seems too bold, then you can opt for a classic white dress, only abundantly decorate it with beads, sequins, and embroidery. The wedding dress of an Asian woman should not be too open – you can make it so if you want, but the neckline, shoulders, and back should be tightened with chiffon embroidered with rhinestones and stones. It will be vibrant and beautiful. In general, there should be a lot of jewelry in the bride's outfit in the East: large earrings, bracelets, and multi-tiered necklaces around the neck are welcome. But it's better to put simple sandals on your feet, rather than classic shoes or stiletto sandals.

Special attention is paid to make up in oriental style. It is not necessary to invite a makeup artist for this; everything is quite simple here: a dark fundamental tone for the face, precise, expressive eyebrows and long black arrows on the eyelids are mandatory. Lips should be painted with juicy scarlet or cherry lipstick; you can draw a mole on your cheek if you don't have one by nature. It is better to curl your hair and leave it loose; in extreme cases, tie it with a ribbon or fasten it with a beautiful inlaid comb.

An extraordinary costume is provided for the groom on the occasion of an Oriental-style wedding. In the East, men do not dress in black for the wedding ceremony, but, on the contrary, in white, shaded with the same red. Lurex embroidery on a shirt and many jewelry pieces - rings and bracelets will be appropriate. The richer, the better.It is the case when you can and should wear "all the best at once." It is unlikely that the groom will wear a turban to the registry office, and it is not necessary. But in the evening, it is quite possible to transform into a padishah and dress up with a cavity according to the theme of the wedding holiday.

No holiday in the East, even just a dinner on the occasion of the visit of distinguished guests, is complete without music and oriental dances. The wedding is no exception. Music should be played throughout the evening, even if it is just an audio recording of oriental motifs. It's great if the bride prepares in advance and can perform an incendiary dance for her chosen one. In the East, it is customary to express their feelings and emotions through dance movements.

As for entertainment, they also need to be prepared in advance. It is advisable to invite dancers, fakirs, and illusionists. And at the end of the program, instead of fireworks, which everyone is already so used to, arrange a fire show.

Perhaps, the design of an oriental wedding is one of the simplest - but at the same time the most expensive. You can't save money here, there should be a lot of everything, and if someone lacks something, you should clap your hands and tell them to serve immediately. But in the end, the costs will be worth it: your wedding will forever remain in the memory of both yours and the guests with an intriguing oriental fairy tale with a cloying and alluring aroma of spices.