7 ways to leave your wedding reception early

Usually, sweethearts are so engaged in the wedding preparatory process that they forget about some parts of the celebration. It is evident that it is necessary to foresee too many things that it is impossible to remember everything. When trying to arrange the celebration and cope with all hustles, frequently, the beloved forgets to discuss the end of the event. And quite frequently, this question is raised too late.

Ways To Exit Wedding Reception Early

Thus, let’s consider how to show that the banquet is going to its logical ending, and newlyweds are going to leave the reception.

1. Firework. This is one of the most popular ways. All guests go outside and observe a beautiful play of firework charges in the night sky.

2. Paper lanterns. This is the most romantic and touching way to show that the event is approaching its end. Newlyweds send off a lantern, let it fly far away, and observe a sending off the lantern. This is a Chinese symbol of love. You can suggest your guests send off such lanterns as well.

3. Sparklers. During the last dance, newlyweds light up sparkles and dance with them. One more idea: it is possible to distribute sparklers between guests, and they should encircle newlyweds while they have their last wedding dance. Then, guests should line up from two sides to create a path that is lightened by sparkers, and newlyweds should go along with guests.

4. Gratitude to guests and parents. It will be an excellent way to complete the celebration. A few pleasant words for guests and words of gratitude to parents will create the right atmosphere. First, it is necessary to thank your parents for help planning your wedding and express your sincere feelings. The next step is to thank guests who have come to support you and share the joy of creating a new family with you. They will be pleased to hear some words and know that newlyweds do not forget about them.

5. Musical instruments. You can ask your guests to demonstrate their talents and create a musical composition for the moment when newlyweds leave the reception.

6. Confetti. This item can be used instead of sparklers. Invitees also should line up and shower newlyweds with multicolored paper drops while they go along the path.

7. Birdseeds. If the end of your celebration takes place when it is still light outside, or your wedding is held in a cottage house or outdoors, then you can distribute bird seeds and ask guests to feed birds with you.

The way you leave your reception depends on the theme of your wedding. Discuss the most suitable option that perfectly shows your mood and character so that guests remember the last moment and admire you.