5 Coolest things to do in Dubai

Dubai is a city that lures thousands of tourists yearly. The place is considered one of the most cherished locations for having unforgettable rest. Let’s see what every visitor must do when finding him-/herself in the city.

1. Have an air balloon ride. Dubai is surrounded by the desert, which is the perfect location for air balloon rides. Do not

5 Mighty Things To Do In Dubai UAE

skip a chance to admire an endless ocean, a sandy desert, and picturesque views of the city with its skyscrapers. When observing surroundings from the bird’s eyes, breathtaking beauty will open to you. This activity will be full of unforgettable emotions.

2. Visit the Miracle Garden. This is the most famous park worldwide. This is the park of flowers. If you haven’t heard about it yet, look through its pictures on the Internet, and you’ll find out why it has gained this reputation. Every inch of the park territory is showered with flowers and all sorts of greenery. Amazing sculptures (an airplane, a woman, animals) are made of floral arrangements. When you enter the park, you find yourself in another reality and feel like in a fairytale. This is the perfect place for making gorgeous photos. Many men propose their sweethearts there. Being in Dubai and not visiting this park will be the biggest mistake in your life.

3. Go up to the observation deck of Burj Khalifa. Here is another way to observe the city’s suburbs. When staying on the deck, you’ll see amazing human-made islands washed by the ocean, admire beautiful nature, and have a romantic dinner in a restaurant.

4. Spend an evening in a seaside cafe. Although there are too many attractions in Dubai, and you will likely be in hurry to see at least a small part of them, find an evening to slow down and feel the pace of the city. Just sit in a seaside cafe after an intensive day. Have a delicious dinner, admire how the rays of the setting sun play on the endless water surface, listen to birds and the sound of waves. Keep this time in your memory.

5. Spend the day in the authentic reality. In the heart of the desert, you’ll find settlements of people who wear traditional Arabic clothes, live according to national Arab canons, eat traditional food. Such settlements preserve the real spirit of the nation. Some of them are open to visitors. They welcome tourists and describe their traditions, habits, occupations. Do not lose a chance to visit them and spend at least several hours (or a day) next to them. You’ll immerse yourself in another reality and find out how real Arabian people live. This experience will be interesting and memorable.