2022 wedding trends

Every year we carefully select fresh ideas that you can use for your holiday and be original. To do this, we look through dozens of sites about weddings, culture, and design news, so be sure - the most-the most for a wedding 2022.

The Biggest Wedding Trends Will Be Huge In 2022

1 is collected here. Given what is happening in the world, people want magic, and what could be more fabulous than a wedding? In the collections of dresses in 2022, most designers showed incredible outfits that are more suitable for princesses from their favorite cartoons. Some couples are already arranging Disney-style weddings. Be among the first and you!

2. No one will be surprised by the chic zone of the ceremony, but what if the ceremony itself takes place in an unusual place? Why not say the main words to each other on a boat or in the desert? More and more often couples choose chamber weddings, and with a small number of guests, it is easier to realize even the most unusual ideas. Weddings for two in the UAE are also in great demand

3. Many are tired of problems and dullness, so we suspect that weddings in 2022 will be bright and juicy:

4. Have you seen many celebrations in which mosaic is used in the decor? We are none. Dare to take such a step, especially since the mosaic looks great in bright colors, of which there will be many in the coming year.

5. An interesting approach to the decor of the table - tulips, decorated as if they literally grow out of it:

6. Decorate the wedding with thousands of paper cranes made in the origami technique. By the way, the crane is a traditional symbol of love in Japan. There is even a tradition in the country, according to which it is believed that the one who personally folded 1000 cranes will have the opportunity to fulfill a cherished wish.

7. If you don't want to add up so many paper figures, find original candlesticks to decorate the dinner table with them.

8. An unusual idea for a wedding in 2022 is to use large soft tassels in the design, no one has ever had such:

9. If you want something grandiose, take an example from the artist Ana Maria Hernando, who created an installation of hundreds of meters of airy tulle:

The image of the bride at the wedding in 2022

10. For a fairy-tale wedding, an appropriate princess dress is required. We are sure that there will be a lot of them in stores next year because almost every designer has included such an outfit in the collection

11. If, on the contrary, you want conciseness, try an unconventional combination of a short dress and a long veil.

12. For those brides who are wondering if they need a dress, we suggest looking at crop tops with long skirts:

13. A detail of the toilet that will be on-trend at weddings in 2022 - separate sleeves from the dress:

14. Jewelry should no longer be concise, this also applies to face accessories. The larger and more noticeable the earrings, the more fashionable your image will be.

15. Pearls for those over 50? Come on, it's trending now:

16. In the bride's bouquet, try to combine different textures - freshly cut and dried flowers, plants with small inflorescences, and large buds with smooth petals.

17. Another direction is to make a bouquet of different plants of the same color. It is important to choose shades so that they are close to each other, no flower should be out of the color scheme.

Wedding cake

18. Who said that the cake should look like everyone used to? Why not pay attention to other countries and be inspired by their desserts?

19. For the decoration of the cake at the wedding in 2022, huge sugar flowers will also be suitable, which in themselves already look like works of art. The cake in this case should be concise, so as not to "argue" with the luxurious decoration:

20. You can decorate the cake with fresh fruit. Couples haven't done this for a long time, and meanwhile, this idea will look fresh at your bright wedding: