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2020 Spring wedding trends

Spring is one of the most popular and romantic seasons for weddings. In addition, it is somewhat symbolic. Spring is when nature is reborn; everything starts a new life period. And two people create a new family that will grow and blooms. Usually, spring weddings are very delicate and romantic. An exquisite atmosphere and tenderness are in the air.

Spring Wedding Trends

The late spring (in particular, May) is the best period for spring weddings. It is the time when the weather is quite sunny and warm, and trees and flowers bloom. Such a landscape may serve as an excellent decoration. We suggest considering the most creative and popular ways to arrange a spring wedding.

1. A garden celebration. Renting a cottage house with a garden is one of the best ideas for a spring wedding venue. First of all, you can install an external platform with a canopy. You can divide such a platform into two parts; one is designed for dancing and an entertainment program, and the other is for a banquet. Making a buffet party is an excellent idea. Put all the necessary cutlery, food, and beverages on the tables so guests can choose what they want. Hang curtains and put tables and sofas where guests will be able to rest and communicate.

Nature and the garden itself will be the best decoration for your wedding. Invitees can stroll along alleys and blooming trees, breathe in fresh aroma air, and take amazing photos.

Another advantage of a garden wedding in a cottage house is the ability to make an outside ceremony. Moreover, all stages of a wedding day can be fulfilled in one place. Thus, you can arrange an external registration, take photos with guests, take a wedding photo shoot in a garden, celebrate the holiday, and dance on the platform. It is possible to accommodate guests and spend the night in the house.

2. An indoor celebration in a cafe or wedding hall. If you arrange your wedding in the early spring or are afraid of bad weather, you can choose a restaurant for a reception. What concerns decoration, in this case, it is advisable to prefer soft and light shades. For example, a pink, nude, white, or creamy theme will look romantic and gentle. It will remind your guests of blooming trees with their pink flowers.

Natural flowers are an obligatory element of decoration. Put vases with spring flowers on tables, and your guests will admire them during the banquet.

A pink arch with flowers and air balloons will be a creative element of your wedding. Invitees can take photos with newlyweds there.

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