Make a marriage proposal in Dubai and be never rejected

You’ve met the woman of your dream and see her as your darling wife and mother of your children. Undoubtedly, she adores you and will follow you to the end of the world, without expecting anything in return, but your love and faithfulness. But deep in heart, she has a craving for an unusual and fabulous proposal. Take her to the heart of Dubai to pop the question in the most stunning city on the planet! It is a bridge between two parallel universes: the oriental mystery rolling in surreal, inspiring nature that can inspire and ultra-modern architecture, which the rest world can only applaud for but never imitate. This unique and dazzling Arabian Emirate is the perfect setting to ask “Will you marry me?” and hear “Yes, I will” in reply. Because no one can say “No” in Dubai!

Apart from being prohibitively beautiful, Dubai also has a myriad of interesting places to propose in a high style. With such a rich selection of fantastical spots, picking up the best one for an ultimate proposal may be a challenging task, because there are so many factors to consider! 
Well, our wedding agency is to lend you a helping hand, so your proposal will be etched in her memory like the first best day in her life (with your wedding ceremony being the second, of course). Our agency specializes in organizing unrivaled special events and parties. Empowered with a wealth of local knowledge, unflagging creativity, and years of flawless practice, we can develop a unique and highly personalized proposal scenario to astonish your better half and steal “Yes” from her lips.
The city of magnificence and glory, Dubai has really much to offer for a romantic and memorable proposal. Observation decks of mind-boggling skyscrapers, world’s only water parks, nonpareil man-made islands, legendary singing fountains, giant diving aquariums, eye-popping underwater zoos, flourishing oases amidst harsh desert sands – they are just a minuscule proportion of Dubai’s infinite opportunities for a splendid proposal! Not only will our agency help you find the right place to make a marriage proposal, but take care of all the arrangements involved, including:
• Proposal’s script development and its implementation;
• Venue booking;
• Floral decoration;
• Performance management (bringing dancers, actors, and other entertainers, if necessary);
• Photo and video shooting.
Whether you gravitate towards something classical like sailing on a luxury yacht or going to a desert safari or would like to offer your hand in an utterly genuine or even extreme way (for instance, high in the sky, deep under the sea or against irresistible firework displays), we can organize a proposal that will be as unique as your love.

A proposal is one of the most wanted and memorable events in every girl’s life. It is most likely that a woman will remember it for the rest of her life. Thus, men should develop their imagination to create an awesome scenario.
Many girls dream of visiting Dubai. The city is very popular nowadays. It is full of sightseeing and breathtaking places. Thus, if you decided to make a marriage proposal in Dubai, you can choose one of the following ideas:
1. An air balloon. A ride in an air balloon is a romantic option. You’ll fly high in the sky and observe the picturesque landscapes of Dubai neighborhood. When spending time in the air, you can propose. If the ride itself is a surprise, be sure that your beloved will remember the day forever. You can wake her up early in the morning without saying where you are going. When you reach the destination, she’ll be impressed to have an air balloon ride. Then, another surprise goes. No girl will remain indifferent.
2. A ride on the board of a yacht. This is one more option for romantic personalities. Dubai is washed by the Persian Gulf. Why don’t you use this advantage? You can have a romantic ride aboard a yacht. Admire picturesque views, spend time next to each other. When the night falls, you have a romantic dinner, look at a starry sky, and have a frank talk. This is the right moment to express your feelings and make the proposal to your sweetheart.
3. Hiking for two in a desert. Dubai is also surrounded by an endless desert. If you’re adventure lovers, you can rent a tent and go on hiking. When it gets dark, make a fire, lie on a mat, and admire a starry night sky. You’re all alone surrounded by nature. When your mind and spirit relax, it’s time to say about your sincere feelings.
4. A Miracle Garden. Dubai is full of admiring locations. The Miracle Garden is one of the most amazing parks in the city. It is fully framed and decorated with flowers. Each inch of the park has flowers. Statutes, shapes, arches are made of natural flowers. Every meter of the park is the perfect place for taking amassing photos. It is also an excellent place where you can propose.
5. An observation beck of Burj Khalifa. This is an obligatory point in any tourist guideline. You can kill two birds with one stone. Go to the deck to admire views and propose your beloved right in the highest skyscraper.
Dubai offers a great number of options for making an unforgettable proposal. Thus, do not choose commonplace ideas. Develop your creativity and take advantage of the city.



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