Desert wedding ceremony in Dubai

Express your endless love and commitment against the most meaningful backdrop ever – the unending sands of the desert. Start a new chapter of your relationship under the caressing beams of golden sunset and let ancient dunes bless your union.
Desert wedding ceremony in Dubai has its unique romance and charm; there is some mystical, inscrutable force in these barren spaces.

With its inspiring waves of sand, merging horizon, an endless night sky generously spiced with all the constellations, strings of caravans, and complete isolation from the outer world, the desert is a fantastical place to exchange vows and get married. 

Say “I do” and tie the knot under a tent in the very heart of the enigmatic desert or celebrate in a five-star hotel lost amid Arabian landscapes – the choice is yours, the organization is ours.

Whether you want your desert wedding to be roaring and colorful or quiet and dusky, we can bring your boldest dreams into reality. Do you fancy of an over-the-top boho wedding party around a bonfire under the open sky? We can handle it! Do you want it to be a true Arabic style wedding in a desert oasis with belly dancing, fire shows, and oriental cuisine? We would love to fulfill this project! Do you see it as an intimate dinner with the nearest and dearest in a posh restaurant of a sumptuous hotel? Whatever your wedding idea, we are ready, able, and willing to turn it into reality. We are here to help you to organize a wedding ceremony in the desert that is hard-to-repeat and impossible-to-forget. Are you wondering how to host a wedding reception in Dubai on the budget? Set the budget, choose your style, decide on a wedding venue, express your requirements, and let our event professionals do their job. Flowers and decorations, music and entertainment, wedding menu and beverages, makeup and hairstyling, photographer and video coverage, guest reception and accommodation – we can save you from this stress with our utmost dedication and expertise. You just have to enjoy the smooth flow of your amazing wedding and relish all the joys of Arabian hospitality! The desert is a heaven for tourists. In addition, it is also a paradise for stunning, meaningful, and scenic weddings. You will never forget the vibe of this special day when you experience a wedding celebration among timeless barchans all around.

Do you want to have a memorable wedding? Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

If you dream of a celebration in Dubai, take advantage of the city. It is surrounded by an endless desert. Thus, it is an excellent chance to have a celebration in the desert.
To begin with, let’s list the main pros of a desert wedding:
- The celebration is far away from a crowded city. This is a great option for couples who want to get rid of annoying onlookers and to spend the day with the dearest people. A couple is sure that they and their guests will be all alone. No one will disturb them.
- Natural landscapes. Nature is the best decorator. You won’t have to decorate your surroundings. Style the venue in the traditional Arabic theme. Decorate the venue with traditional cushions, drapery, dry twigs, candles.

- A unique background for a wedding photoshoot. Have you seen wedding photos made in a desert? They are amazing and unique. You can be sure that no one will have the same wedding photos.
- The celebration under a tent. You will have an outdoor location. At the same time, you won’t suffer from heat and burning sunshine.
- The couple will have the celebration with an authentic Arabian charm. Do not try to be commonplace. Develop your imagination. Purchase Arabic outfits, create a dress code, add peculiar attributes.
- You can behave the way you like. No one will complain about your guests being noisy. You can forget about other people and have fun.
- It is possible to make beautiful fireworks when it gets dark.
A desert wedding in Dubai will be full of an authentic mood. The atmosphere of an Arabic fairytale will be in the air. Thus, do not try to do the celebration urban. If you choose the desert as your wedding destination, forget about stereotypes. For example, it is possible to ride camels instead of traditional cars. You can have an Arabic style dress code. Decorate the tent with traditional eastern attributes and flowers.
If you want to arrange an awesome desert celebration, contact event planning agency. Our wedding coordinator will help a client choose the best option and take care of all the organizational issues.