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Bridal shower ideas in Dubai

A bridal shower is not only a celebratory occasion when a bride-to-be is saying goodbye to her bachelor's life in a jolly, entertaining, and frolic manner. A bridal shower is a way for the bride’s circle to support her in anticipation of her nuptials, share her worries & doubts, and, of course, shower her in gifts, so she can establish her matrimonial home with everything it takes to start a happy family life. Kicking off a bridal shower is 

Bridal Shower Dubai

a bit of a job requiring lots of planning, coordinating, and organizing skills, which not everyone can boast of. This guide incorporates the best tips and tricks on how to throw a fabulous and memorable bridal shower that will work for everyone involved.

Since a bridal shower is indicated to indulge a bride-to-be with lots of attention and care while letting her relax after exhausting and stressful Big Day preparations, it is generally organized by the maid of honor. And it is up to her to keep the whole arrangements in secret or actively engage the bride into the process. We recommend opting for the second variant because there is always a risk that the real outcome will contradict the bride’s expectations, and she will be disappointed – the least desired thing on the threshold of her wedding. The maid in honor should ask the bride to provide a list of wedding invitees and also make inquiries about the preferred bridal party’s theme. Get ready that she may want something extraordinaire to celebrate in a high style, and this theme should be carried through invitation cards, decoration, tableware as well as treats and drinks. Throwing a bridal shower may be quite a luxury, but it is not obligatory for the maid in honor to pay for everything from her wallet. She may ask other bridesmaids to chip in together at the first stage of the planning process. Also, the host may ask other gals to help with other aspects like booking, decoration, treatments, entertainment, etc. When efforts are joined, any enterprise is bound to success!
No strict rules here! A bridal shower can be thrown anywhere, from the bridesmaid’ home and a restaurant banquet hall to a garden, spa saloon, or even a karaoke club. There is no right or wrong answer on where to celebrate a bridal shower – it is only a matter of preference. As for the time, the party should not be held too close to the marriage ceremony to save the bride from added stress. Most optimally is to gather 4-8 weeks prior to the great event.

However, if there are many guests coming from out of town, it is reasonable to handle a bridal shower closer to the wedding day, so they can attend both events without doing extra travel. Acceptable timeframes for a bridal shower include afternoons, early evenings, and even night hangouts. Just make sure the time suits all your guests and go ahead.
A bridal shower crowd should consist of the same people who are invited to the wedding because there is nothing more offensive than being invited for the shower and not invited to the ceremony. The wedding guest list is to help you. If the bachelorette party is a surprise, then obtain the list of invitees from the fiance or the bride’s mother. Typically, the bride’s best friends and female relatives are invited to the show, but it makes sense to bring ladies from the groom’s side too: it will help to establish good relationships between two families. And for an utterly progressive party, you can toss a Jack and Jill shower for a bride, a groom, and their circles (both male and female).
While most of the bridal showers run on the same scenario, you can steer away from the beaten path and include some fun activities to make the day truly enjoyable. Do not hesitate to bring some accessories and attributes to add some glam to the event: mini clip-on hats, feather boas, and other party props will put a smile on every face. Delight the attendees with tried-and-true games like Truth or Dare, Ball, and Chain, Pictionary. When deciding on entertainment, pick up relatively international games and avoid bachelorette tricks in order not to confuse someone sentimental. Treatment can be as simple as bite-size appetizers, veggie snacks, light salads, and fancy cupcakes, or a substantial multi-course buffet. When collaborating a menu, make sure there will be enough food to keep everyone satisfied, but do not let your enthusiasm go too far: you definitely will not want the bridal shower to turn into a massive pig-out. When opening wedding gifts, it will not hurt to play some nice music in the background. And when it is time to round off, do not forget to give your guests thank-you favors and small prizes as mementos from your bridal shower. Aren’t you sure about your strengths? Ok, leave it to us and, we will be happy to arrange an awesome bridal shower party that will stick in the bride’s memory like one of the best days in her life!

Do you want to hang out before marriage? Do you want to arrange a crazy unforgettable party for your bridesmaids? A bridal shower is a right time to have a lot of fun. This party should bring joy and be memorable for each participant. Whether you plan to host a small or a large bridal shower party, our coordinators will work with you to select the best venue for a celebration in Dubai.
If you want to have a unique bridal shower, go to the UAE. There, you’ll find lots of opportunities to spend the day surrounded by your closest friends with fun and pleasure. The city is surrounded by the Arabian Gulf and a desert. This fact serves as an additional advantage. It gives more opportunities to have an unforgettable pastime. Let’s see how you can organize a bridal shower in Dubai.
1. A cruise on the board of a yacht. Do not skip an opportunity to admire the city’s neighborhood and sightseeing from the water. Rent a yacht and arrange a party on its board. Your friends will like it. Is there a girl who doesn’t want to have awesome photos aboard a yacht? Moreover, if skyscrapers serve as the background. Make sure that you’ll have a lot of fun. Besides, no one will disturb you. You’ll be all alone surrounded by water.
2. A SPA day. If you want to relax and get ready for your upcoming wedding, then pamper yourself and your girls with luxury spa sessions at One & Only Royal Mirage. Spas offer a great variety of services. The staff is skilled and careful. If you want to take a rest and spend the party in a spa, be sure that your body will have the best care there. Your bridesmaids will love your bridal shower. If you go to a spa for a day, you’ll plunge into the atmosphere of relaxation. You’ll chat, relax, and take care of your body simultaneously. Isn’t it the most favorite pastime for all girls?
3. An observation deck of Burj Khalifa. This place is in all touristic guidelines. If you find yourself in the city, you should visit this place for sure. Admire the city, take photos. Then, you can spend time in a cafe right on the same floor of the skyscraper.
4. A picnic in a desert. If you want to stay alone and have fun without annoying onlookers, you can arrange a picnic under a tent in the desert. Have a ride on camels, taste traditional Arabian dishes, rest on printed cushions. In this case, you’ll feel real Arabian nature.
Dubai is full of unique places to spend a bridal shower. Be sure that you won’t bore there. The time spent in the city will be one of the most memorable moments for you and your bridesmaids.

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