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Picture-perfect places to propose in Dubai

Surely you have dreamed more than once about how he arranges a romantic date, gives a bouquet of your favorite flowers, and knees down, opening a box with a cherished ring. Or maybe it won"t be a date, but a hot air balloon flight or, say, a walk around the Palm Jumeirah island? A lot depends on the ambiance, anyway. We have collected the most romantic places where it is best to answer the most important question in life.

Picture-perfect places to propose in Dubai UAE

Aquarium Dubai Mall
Walking along the glass corridors and admiring the variety of marine life, you definitely do not expect to hear behind your back: "Marry me! ". Rather say "yes! ", because the beauty of the moment is unique.
Where can I say "I will", if not on the highest wheel in the world Ain Dubai? Somewhere, somewhere, and here you will definitely fly to the seventh heaven with happiness. And after the long-awaited question-answer, you can celebrate a new chapter of your life with your family and friends.

Undoubtedly, the most long-awaited event for every couple in love is their wedding. Every couple dreams that their party will be special. A wedding is a once—in-a-lifetime event, and therefore, naturally, there is a desire to hold it at the highest level. But the wedding proposal is a great event as well and there are a lot of Instagram-worthy places in Dubai to propose.

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