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Destination Wedding In Dubai 

A wedding is an important and wonderful milestone in life, but when it comes to planning, it is the most problematic one. There are too many challenges that must be tackled while organizing a blessing ceremony in Dubai: 
• Picking the right date and time 
• Communicating with lots of wedding vendors and middlemen
• Finding the venue and its reservation 
• Hiring a good photographer
• Inventing entertainment for guests and the arrangement of their accommodation
• And all sorts of unpredictable things which may go wrong during the x day 
All these issues require the most meticulous attention, and the failure to consider them all will result in that your wedding may be fatally flawed.
Do not let your occasion be compromised. Let a dedicated team of professional wedding planners take this burden off your shoulders and manage your symbolic wedding according to your stringiest requirements.

If you do not want your wedding ceremony to be trivial and sluggish but expect it to be delightful, stylish, and memorable, you have come to the destination. Our crew of ever-inventive event planners is well-practiced at arranging wedding ceremonies that are spectacular, voguish, and unbeatable. Whatever your vision (a desert wedding ceremony or an elegant affair on the beach), whatever the scale (a classical gathering of nearest or dearest or a major party with 1000+ invitees), whatever the location, whatever the style or decoration  – we can give you peace of mind that your wedding ceremony goes smoothly, awesomely and as planned! 
While you are relaxing and waiting for the day when your two hearts will start beating in unison, we are taking care of your wedding, from the very beginning to the happy ending of the ceremony. And rest assured, your wedding ceremony will steal a WOW from the lips of every guest because we never do it another way.
We do not just organize events – we create atmosphere, emotions, and memories that will stay with you for many years to come!
Allow our passionate Dubai event planners to turn your boldest dreams into reality! Decades of professional expertise enable us to arrange symbolic ceremonies that are as fabulous, vibrant, and enjoyable as this blessed city!

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Getting married abroad

With its surrealistically beautiful landscapes and ultra-modern urban infrastructure, Dubai is the ultimate wedding destination for overseas couples who want to celebrate the joy of togetherness and love literally like in a fairy tale. But the organization of the most memorable event of your life might be quite daunting and involve lots of research and arrangement. Embrace these simple guidelines of how to move your nuptials to the most startling Emirate.
How to proceed with it
Your desire to get hitched in Dubai is, probably, driven by these obvious reasons: the city is fathomlessly splendid and versatile, the weather here is sunny all year round and there are many world-class activities to entertain your guests.

If you are looking for a destination wedding that offers the charm of the beach, along with the elegance and luxury of a fine hotel, this place is just right for you. There are many stunning resorts and hotels in Dubai to choose from, and each of them offers the right balance of venue, service, and quality.

Find a wedding planner

Having a planner is crucially important for a destination wedding in Dubai. A wedding planner will help you coordinate all the details for your ceremony. Professional event managers are aware of all the ins and outs of the local culture and nuances concerning throwing destination weddings. Their in-depth knowledge will help you avoid confusion with local laws while throwing a wedding reception. 
A wedding planner will take the organization of your destination wedding on their shoulders, ensuring everything goes smoothly and according to your vision. These professionals have lots of useful connections among local vendors; they can recommend you the best subcontractors and even negotiate with them a discount for your wedding and will also tackle all the arrangements involved, saving you from the stress to do this from abroad.

Book for your date
The city has both on-season and off-season wedding parties, and the period from October to May is the prime time for throwing destination nuptials. Knowing this, you need to make all the reservations and bookings well in advance, at least, 6-8 months before the event, otherwise, you may end up having the desired venue that is already booked by someone on the day of your wedding. 
Take care of your invitees
Inform your guests about your wedding date and location much in advance to give them sufficient time to prepare. 
Make sure, all your guests have a visa for going to the UAE, and if they do not have one, help them to obtain it. Fortunately, visas generally take a few days to process, but it is wise to do everything in advance. You will also need to arrange for a temporary stay for your wedding guests. Check the availability of accommodation options in the selected venue before setting your date in stone. If some of your guests cannot afford an international flight, consider the way of compensating them a part or full plane ticket cost. Also, you should plan additional entertainment for your attendees at your wedding weekend, so your guests’ long travels will be worthwhile. 


As you want to start your family journey in Dubai, our event agency can plan every detail of your big day to create a celebration that is as beautiful as your romance. Whether you want it to be an intimate gathering for the nearest and dearest or a large-scale gala, we can transform your dreams into a reality with our unmatched experience in organizing destination weddings in Dubai. You are abroad and have neither time nor the possibility to manage your wedding in the United Arab Emirates, so it is excellent in terms of quality, service, and personal touches. Here is where we can help.

Our event agency specializes in organizing fabulous destination weddings, taking care of literally everything, and saving you from any worry possible:
• All the negotiations and reservations: wedding venue, renting a car, and accommodation.
• All the arrangements and rentals: reception menu, floral design, setting decor, wedding favors, and accessories.
• All the intermediate professionals: photographer, make-up artist, hairstylist, tailor, musicians, and entertainers.
• All the signature and stationary: invitation cards, seating plan, name cards.   
We assume that you come here for a one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony. No matter you want to say “I do” in a luxurious hotel, a private beach, or in an utterly typical place like a desert, we will find the best spot to host your event and cater for all the arrangements. All of the wedding packages that we offer can be customized as per your choice of venue, vendors and, theme. Your wedding is a complex puzzle, and only when all the various pieces are united together, you can enjoy a beautiful and seamless picture. And we know how to assemble this puzzle by bringing the best field specialists for your perfect wedding day.

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Your first wedding consultation
Hiring an experienced and trusted wedding planner for your event means binding the whole endeavor to success. 
Dubai gives you endless ways to create your wedding the way you always dreamed about. The first step to take on this path is a consultation. Our agency consults engaged couples in person and by phone, and during this consultation, we try to learn more about your union and how you envision your special day: what style you want it to be, what must be included, and what is out of the question. We will ask you about the bookings you, probably, have already made, about the budget you possess and clarify all other concerns which might impact your celebration.  
Your satisfaction is our top priority, so we will not only ask lots of questions but listen to you carefully, ensuring nothing slips out of our attention, and we get everything right. The consultation is not all about knowing you better but helping you to get to know us, too, and learn about our background, experience, and strategy that we will use to organize your destination wedding in Dubai. We will do our best to get along well with you because mutual trust and cooperation are the two pillars of a nice and neat celebration. 
After the consultation that usually does not take more than an hour, we will have a clear idea about your wedding day. Based on our discussion, we will elaborate on a detailed proposal to show how we are going to fulfill your project. With our proposal in your hands, you can decide whether to hire us as your wedding planner. If yes, we will sign the contract and start bringing your bridal dreams to reality with the utmost professionalism and commitment from ours.